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Filippavej 3, 1928 Frederiksberg C
The Team

Joel, Jeppe, David, Rebekka, Christer, Asher, Olivia & Lukas

Copenhagen is a vibrant, global city which not only serves as the capital of Denmark but also as home to people from all over the world. As a church we have a heart to host a service which reflects the vibrancy but also the global reach that our beautiful city has.  

The evening service is lead by a team of young pastors and leaders, who all are a part of our different church locations. Together they're pioneering an English speaking evening service which creates opportunities for community before and after the service and an atmosphere that invites to engagement, relationship and to encounter the presence of God.

The expression of the evening service is both young and international with preaching and praise & worship in English. The service is followed by the opportunity for prayer and conversation along with delicious coffee and community in the cafe.
Come and connect with us whether you’re a local Dane or from afar, we’d love to host you at our evening service.

Though children are very welcome, we aren't able to offer childrens' church yet.

Evening Service


Every Sunday at 17.30 at Frederiksberg

Evening Service

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